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Quote of review of Confetti. Guests are still talking about it 6 months later
Quote of review of Confetti. Guests are still talking about it 6 months later

Our guests are STILL talking about it almost 6 months later!

Confetti was a HIT!!!! Our friends and family got SO into it. Totally worth it, so happy we used Confetti. Definitely recommend this to future couples!

Laurel K.


Memory Box Experience


**NOTE: Our digital option is available worldwide but the Memory Box currently only ships to the US and Canada**

⭐️ 100K+

Guest Experiences

⭐️ 1000+

Events Transformed

⭐️ 200K+

Memories Captured

⭐️ 50M+

Social Views

How Confetti Works 🥳

1. Create & schedule your prompts (up to 7 days) 2. Prompts sent to guests can be replied via text or your private web-based social feed 3. Your photos, videos & voice notes are sent to you after the event

What is a Memory Box? 🎁🥹 • 150 of your guest photos printed & delivered as HD Polaroid prints • A Retro Viewfinder with a custom reel of 7 of your favorite photos • 3 Photo Magnets • Polaroid Photo Flip Book to store your favorite moments

Guest experience? 🛎️📸 • Unlimited guests • Unlimited personalized photo, video & audio prompts • Access to a private web-based event feed for you and your guests (a private link, no app needed for guests!) • Download all of the memories captured by your guests with one click • Dedicated event specialist support (a real human)

Additional features 💬 🗓️ • Communicate with all your guests through your Host App (Ex: schedule a prompt during the ceremony reminding guests to turn off their phones, Let guests know that certain events are about to start, or to meet at various locations, etc.) • Add event details your guests can see, such as travel locations, itinerary, and more. • Your guests will always have visibility into the timing and locations of all the events throughout the week or weekend!

Fun prompt ideas! 💡👇 • "Send us a selfie from the airplane if you're flying in for the weekend! 📸 ✈️" • "Hanging out by the pool? We want to see what kind of fun everyones up to! 😎🍹" • "Capture a video of your table cheersing! 🍻" • "Leave us a drunk voice note to listen to in the morning 😂" • "Ceremony is going to start in 15 mins please silence your phones 🤫" • "We want to remember this day with you, take a selfie with the bride and groom! 🤳🏼" • "Capture a video of the brides father bustin' a move on the dance floor 🕺🏻🪩" • "Take a funny picture with our dog Charlie before you go 🐶😂" ...the possibilities are endless! Get creative, have fun, and the moments your guests will capture will be unforgettable.

Featured In

The Knot featured Confetti in an article about wedding ideas
Publisher featured Confetti in an article about wedding ideas
Billboard featured Confetti in an article about wedding tech ideas

Confetti is Wedding Tech That is Ushering in the Future 
- The Knot

Find out why over 100,000+ people chose Confetti

Find out why over 100,000+ people chose Confetti

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Fully SMS + Web-Based Experience for Guests

Fully SMS + Web-Based Experience for Guests

Guests are sent a text prompt...

...they reply via:

How Confetti works: send customized text prompts to all your guests
How Confetti works: guests either reply or post onto the private social feed

Private Social Feed

Text Message

...and after your event receive your memories as:

How Confetti works: all photos, videos, and voice notes get uploaded to a private social feed, like a digital guestbook

Digital Files

Physical Prints

(Real memories captured on Confetti)

Wedding photo of groom on horse using Confetti wedding app
Wedding photo of groomsmen using Confetti Captures wedding idea
Photo of grooms being carried by chairs captured by guest on Confetti
Text prompt example using Confetti wedding app
Photo of brides captured using Confetti. Guest photo upload of candid wedding shot
Photo captured with wedding app called Confetti. No app needed for guests
Text prompt example using Confetti wedding app

is as unique as you are.


Confetti logo


Our prompting technology ensures that the full life and personality of your inner circle and event will be captured forever. Say no to generic posed photos 🙅‍♀️


Personalized to YOU

Create and schedule your prompts


  • Prompt 1 (1PM): Send us a pic of the crew you're rollin' up with

  • Prompt 2 (3PM): Please put your phones on silent until have the ceremony 


Insanely High Engagement

  • SMS & Web-based Experience

  • The average Confetti event has 150+ moments captured (photos, videos & voice notes)!

  • No one wants to download an app for a single use or be hounded to send photos to a shared album.

Why pay for something your guests won't use?

Guests who use Confetti do not need to download an app!
Confetti offers a QR code as well. We are much more interactive than a passive QR code app
Confetti is way better than a Drive folder for uploading wedding photos. We encourage getting the photos you want

Less than 2% guest adoption rate.

Not only is it boring it's also a huge waste of time and money!




by the numbers

Confetti logo

prompts & msgs delivered globally



moments captured per event on average



countries: US, CAN, AUS, ENG & more!

Confetti clouds background on homepage

The Big Day Experience
Without The Big Day Price

Digital Package

Without Memory Box


/ event

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited Guests

Unlimited Custom Prompts

Event Details

Digital Link with ALL content

There are no other options that deliver a more fun & engaging guest experience than Confetti.

Go Global

works in nearly every country in the world


unlimited number of photos, videos & audio


at any time to receive your own Memory Box

Inside this box is a collection of happy memories

What's inside a Confetti Memory Box

*Exclusive to our Memory Box Package

Once your event is complete, we take all of your captured memories and turn them into our signature Memory Box. Instead of these moments living in your phone, you can bring them to life and enjoy them forever.

Schedule a meeting

Host Experience

Guest Experience

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