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Confetti Customer FAQ Clouds

Payment Options?

  • Absolutely! Shoot our team a message and we'll go over our options.

Collecting Guests' Numbers

  • Export your guest list from Zola, Joy, WeddingWire, or The Knot here.

  • Your personal sign up link can be shared on your wedding website.

  • We will also send you a custom QR code to use at your venue.

Memory Box

  • Arrives approx. 3 weeks after you submit your select photos

  • Unfortunately, we only ship to USA & Canada at the moment.

  • Up to 150 premium photo prints are included

Delete My Account

  • Submit your request here.

Guest Privacy

  • We take user privacy very seriously and will never spam your guests.

  • Guests can opt-out and any time.

Available Countries

  • We work in nearly every country in the world.

  • Our technology is able to send your guests prompts via SMS or WhatsApp through wifi

  • Perfect for destination weddings

Scheduled Prompts

  • Your prompts will be sent exactly when you schedule them.

  • Prompts are linked to your locations timezone.

  • You can edit prompts at anytime via the Confetti Event Host App.

Guest Distraction

  • Confetti is not distracting at all, in fact it draws guest attention to your event.

  • Prompts & mass texts can be used to effectively communicate with the party

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