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Confetti FAQ Clouds


How does it work?

  • We send prompts to your guests


  • They reply with a photo, video or voice memo


  • We’ll store them all in ONE SPOT for you to download and cherish for a lifetime!


Yes, it’s really THAT simple…

But to make it EVEN easier, ALL of our Confetti Couples are assigned an Account Manager who will help with complete set up!

Short video explanation of HOW CONFETTI WORKS

Confetti FAQ Clouds

How much does it cost?

Core Memories

With Memory Box - Most Popular!


/ event

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited Guests

Unlimited Custom Prompts

Event Details

Digital Link with ALL content

Memory Box includes:

  1. Up to 100 Printed Photos

  2. 3 Picture Frames & Flip Book

  3. Custom Viewfinder & Reel

Digital Only

Without Memory Box


/ event

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited Guests

Unlimited Custom Prompts

Event Details

Digital Link with ALL content

Do you have payment plan options?

What happens after I submit payment?

Yes! Talk to our team and we'll go over our options!

After we receive your payment, your account manager will reach out to say HELLO and go over all of the next steps!

How do I explain Confetti to my guests?

Your guests will receive an initial text from us before your event starts, explaining who we are, who this is for, and how it works!

What if I don't have my guests' phone numbers?

We have a few solutions for this! We have a sign up link you can share with your guests via email, social media, a QR code, or on your wedding website. We will also be providing a QR code that they can scan to access and post on your private feed!

How do we set the prompts up and schedule them?

We have pre-made prompts you can choose from or you can create your own! Simply add a prompt, schedule a time for it to go out, and you're done! If you need help setting these up, our account managers will be there to walk you through every step 😊

I'm worried my guests will be distracted and on their phones too much...

This is a valid concern, we get it! Because the timing of your prompts are fully customizable, you can schedule guests to be texted ONLY at the times that you would like! Additionally, if you would like them to put their phones away at certain times, we've seen that our feature for mass texting all guests is a great way of doing that. 

What if my guests don't want to participate?

We respect that and they can opt out at anytime! We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how many guests want to participate, even the not so tech savvy guests enjoy the Confetti Experience! Our opt out rate is less than 5% 🥳

Other thoughts and ideas...

Having a phone free ceremony? We can send them a reminder shortly before it begins...

Want to make sure they upload all of their photos and videos? Let's send them a "last call" reminder the day after the wedding!

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