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Find the perfect experience for you and your guests.

Confetti Memory Box package. Print all your guests photos

Memory Box Package


Guest photos, guest videos, and guest voice recordings of wedding using Confetti wedding app





Confetti is going to provide the absolute best value per dollar on your wedding day, or any major life event and it's not event close.

You're already paying thousands of dollars to create unforgettable experience for your guest, and you deserve to experience it too.

How Confetti works image. Upload wedding pictures, videos, and voice memos to a private feed over text or on the feed itself
Candid wedding selfie captured using Confetti wedding app
Bachelorette party pictures captured with Confetti wedding photo app for guests

Confetti is a no-brainer, best value decision you can make for your wedding. You're going to pay $2,000 for napkins & table menus but not capturing your memories? Cmon!

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