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Wedding Tech To Capture Guest Memories: What's In & What's Out for 2024

How to get the best guest photos of your wedding

Picture this: it's the day after your wedding and everyone had an amazing time (woohoo!). You hired an amazing wedding photographer and even a content creator to capture your wedding photos and videos and can't wait to get them back.

You expect it'll be at least a month before you get your wedding photos and videos back, but you want to relive your memories already.

You saw so many guests taking photos and videos, but most of those memories are either lost or scattered amongst guests and you'll have to put even more effort into finding them.

Nightmare fuel, right?

Not anymore! These days, there are tons of companies offering unique tech solutions to capture and organize all the candid moments of your wedding.

It's important to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck though, and some come with drawbacks that may make them worth reconsidering. So without further ado, here are some popular content capturing ideas that you might want to NOT include in your 2024 wedding.

1. QR Codes for Photo Uploads

The Upsides: 

  • Oftentimes known as a 'digital guestbook', QR codes for wedding photos are an easier way to get all of your wedding content in one place and are usually a budget-friendly alternative to collect your guests' memories.

  • They're a more effective and modern solution for getting your wedding content than wedding hashtags and hunting down guests for the photos they took.

  • Digital guestbooks are definitely on the rise now, as Vogue mentions in this article.

The Downsides: 

  • However, they lack memorability and can be easily overlooked if you don't place them well enough.

  • They aren't the most engaging with guests, as QR codes don't actively encourage guests to take specific photos or videos. So you will have to put more effort and research into getting guests to upload photos and videos to your digital feed.

  • The cheaper options for QR codes usually come with limitations such as a limited number of photos, guests, or amount of time the photos will remain active on their site. The way their business model works is that if you want more photos, guests, or time your content will remain active on their website, get ready to pay more.

  • There are simply other digital guestbook solutions that are better than QR codes for wedding photos.

2. Disposable Cameras

The Upsides:


  • Disposable cameras for weddings are a sweet, nostalgic touch for guests to capture candid shots.

  • They can be a fun, familiar, and interactive way to get your guests involved in your wedding photos.

  • Unlike disposable camera apps, they are the real way of getting that raw look instead of mimicking it with filters. And, you will get physical photos of your wedding, which is always a nice touch.

The Downsides: 

  • While it may be fun for guests, disposable cameras are unpredictable in terms of quality, surprisingly expensive, and require work to get developed.

  • For quality, I think it's safe to say that anyone who's used a disposable camera has been the victim of losing memories of a favorite trip to a rogue finger in front of the lens or an out-of-focus shot (myself included, an embarrassing amount of times 🙈).

  • In terms of the costs, cameras usually cost somewhere between $10-$30 per camera. And expect to pay an additional $15 per camera to develop the photos at places like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.

    • For example, if you want to have just 5 cameras expect to pay $150-$225 for ~ 135 photos (of often unsuable quality).

  • Disposable cameras are often lost, broken, or in a lot of cases, accidentally brought home by guests!

  • To boot, you may be the only one who sees them, compared to other options out there.

3. Audio Guestbooks

The Upsides: 

  • Audio guestbooks have blown up in popularity in recent years for being a fun, unique, and a memorable guestbook alternative for guests.

  • Guests can leave heartfelt and hilarious messages on vintage phones that the couple can listen to for years to come.

The Downsides: 

  • They tend to be pretty expensive for only capturing voice recordings. According to this article on The Knot, they can range from $300-600.

  • While this is a special idea to get voice recordings of your loved ones, if you want to capture photos and videos from your wedding guests, you will need to find an additional digital guestbook or photo capturing service.

4. Wedding Hashtags

The Upsides: 

  • Wedding hashtags are relatively easy and are completely free

  • You'll be able to find any posts about your wedding using this hashtag

The Downsides: 

  • Wedding hashtags are becoming a thing of the past. Guests don't really use them, and the amount of content you will get from a wedding hashtag compared to more modern solutions is pretty low

So what's the best way to avoid the 'nightmare' I mentioned at the beginning of this post?

Introducing Confetti: the digital guestbook that helps you capture all your memories 🎉

Confetti combines the benefits of the ideas above and solves many of their downsides.

Instead of passive methods like QR codes and traditional digital guestbooks, Confetti allows you to schedule unlimited, customizable text prompts to your guests throughout your event. These texts encourage them to capture all the candid wedding photos, videos, and voice notes you're hoping for.

Guests then upload these memories to your private, web-based wedding feed, almost like a micro social media site! It's super fun for guests and no app is needed for them, so it's incredibly simple and effective. Think BeReal, but for weddings.

Instead of capturing just voice recordings like an audio guestbook, guests can contribute photos, videos, and voice notes to your private web-based Confetti feed. Because of these features, even Confetti's base digital package gives more value than most audio guestbooks, making it an incredible deal for capturing all of your guests' memories of your wedding.

Unlike disposable cameras, guests can see all the content others post and download anything they like. And no more rogue fingers in front of lenses or out of focus shots! If you're craving having the physical photos as well, we've made that even more effortless and special for you with our viral Confetti Memory Box Package.

Confetti mimics the style of a social media feed, except people are more willing to post anything and everything as opposed to wedding hashtags!

The Benefits of Confetti:

  • Engagement: Confetti gets guests engaged and actively participating in capturing memories. Guests can all see the private feed live, which makes it a great way to get guests engaged in the memory capturing. Many past couples have said that they saw photos with guests they'd never imagined would hit it off together, and yet they did by seeing each other in the Confetti feed and introducing themselves.

  • Memorable Experience: Our hosts have had guests bringing up the Confetti feed at their wedding MONTHS later! It's a fun, unique way to bring people together without it being too distracting. Additionally, for destination and multi-day weddings, Confetti is a great way to keep everyone involved as you can set up prompts for up to 7 days.

  • Tangible Keepsakes: We think physical memories are just as important as digital ones, so Confetti goes beyond digital content, offering unlimited physical prints, a custom viewfinder reel, and fridge magnets with the Memory Box package.

In summary, while QR codes, disposable cameras, audio guestbooks, and hashtags have their merits, Confetti emerges as a comprehensive solution that solves the shortcomings of these other methods. Through its engaging platform, real-time interaction, and tangible keepsakes, Confetti is revolutionizing the way couples and guests capture their wedding memories.


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